Step 4 (of 4) Obaby Zoom Tandem + Buggyboard Maxi =
Brake can be operated normally once the BuggyBoard is lifted up out of the way
Pushchair can be folded normally with connectors in position
The BuggyBoard can be hooked up using the lift n store system when not in use
Your child will normally stand BEHIND the pushchair handle
The carrycot can be used with a ride on board
The child can stand comfortably when the pushchair is fully reclined or upright
(7.9 in)
Connector Position
Arm Configuration

Pushchair and stroller guarantees differ. Use of a BuggyBoard, or any other pram accessory not manufactured by the pushchair company, may invalidate your pushchair or stroller guarantee.

Fitting Guide
BuggyBoard in Action
BuggyBoard Rider